Why print with us?

We have been a printer by trade for 14 years. We love our job and we know what we are doing.

Fair price and commit to promised datelines, we are in our customers’ shoes whenever we can.

Everyone make mistakes and sh#* does happen sometimes, we suck it up fast and get it fixed in no time.

That’s our commitment to our customers. Fair play as always.


Why latex?

Latex inks are a game changer in the printing industry. The technology meets the needs of a broad range of applications requiring high quality, flexible, outdoor and indoor displays; making it ideal for wide and super-wide applications including event banners, transit signage, and outdoor applications such as high-quality indoor signage. What's more, given HP’s innovative aqueous-dispersed polymer (“Latex”) technology, the water-based formulations of HP Latex Inks reduce the impact of printing on the environment.


Odourless prints resulting from using latex ink gives a competitive edge for graphics that will be used in applications such as food stores, restaurants, fitness centers, medical facilities, and anywhere else where print odours might be a concern. The environmental benefits of HP’s Latex inks and HP’s recycling services allow us to position ourselves as "green" printer among the industry.